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How does work?
  • Send us your menu
  • Receive your QR code within 48 hours
  • Arrange them on your tables
  • Your customers scan the QR code directly through their smartphone camera to enter the menu
  • 100% Hygienic
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Try it for yourself.
On iOS or Android> 8.1 , simply open your camera, approach the QR code , and click on the proposed link, you will directly enter the menu.
On older devices, download the QR Scanner application available on the playstore

Your menu is automatically translated into 5 languages ​​
You can insert up to 5 different menus, which can be displayed depending on days and hours.
Finally, you can also encourage your customers to follow you on your social networks (Facebook, instagram, ...)


Your menu is perfectly responsive for seamless navigation on all devices (smartphones, tablets and computers), with an ergonomic and fluid design

The gallery mode will allow customers to view your menu at a glance


A menu that reflects your brand image! You can customize all elements, font size and color, background ...

Impress your customers with your own digital menu
"Following the Covid crisis, I decided to digitize my menu. I regret not having done so before!"

Brasserie de l'Horloge, Avignon, France

"Quality service, always available for any questions, the customer area is very simple and intuitive, I can add dishes a few moments before the service, and deactivate others in full service, all in a few clicks"

Pascal Paoli, Corte, France

"Since the implementation of the digital menu, we have observed strong growth in the sale of starters and desserts"

Spinny Milano, Milan, Italy

Contact us, and get your digital menu in less than 48 hours

Send us your menu in PDF, Excel, or Word, or any other usable digital format. We will create your customer platform and insert all the content for you, all within 48 hours. The menu will be translated into the 5 languages ​​ of your choice
You will finalize the registration once satisfied and will get your access to manage your menu as and when you wish.

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